Wednesday, September 30, 2009


this is my first blog thing... this seems like the thing to do...i see many people doing it...and i think i will try. the people who i am familiar with are talented and artistic... i make toys of things i a stick into the "Sword of Fraveor, king of the cocky", thus showing that by divine right i am entitled to the +6 bonus to jock-ness and masculinity skill checks.
i am listening to clarck gable by the postal service, i find it pleasing. did you notice how i hate capitals in writing, i dont mind it for things like STAR WARS, or Star Treck, because those things are important. but the other things like song titles, names of people who i know or dont like, please. perhaps dry humor is something that one should not try out unless said person is born with a talent for such a complicated act of personality...hmm... do you regret reading this? i regret every key i type, is that the correct type, or is it tipe, nop, because the computer put that stupid squigly red line under it. i hate that line, some people goo pages with out seeing it when they are writhing something on the computer...not me. well, i have stuff to do