Monday, December 14, 2009

does my suffering cause the heavens to laugh?

so there i was, sitting in the cougar eat, eating a burrito and going over notes for a final, just doing what all good byu people do. here comes this girl, and she sits down. i dont look up (cause of this fear of being condemned a creep, which most females love to accuse of any guy who looks in their direction) and continue to eat and pretend to study. she puts down a chinese text book, and opens her notes and sets down an iced cream. *oh balliks,* i think to myself, *shes learning chines...shes either a return missionary or a total nerd...oh balliks* i sat there, looking at my notes, slowly chewing on the tasty beef and potato that i love so very much, as apposed to the other taco bell stuff. *maybe god is throwing me a bone...naaaawwww....* i mentally throw my hands in the air *FINE, I'LL DO IT!* "so why the chines?" *ARE YOU HAPPY?! I SOUND LIKE A TOTLA GEEK!!* "actually, i served a mission, and i want to keep it up," she says, not bratt-ily i might add. so we talk, and i am asking her questions and she is answering them, and i find out that her chines nickname is "happy phenix", "cause the phenix is like, the coolest magical beast there is!" she says, and i say "i know right!" and i think *oh you are so hot right now...* so she is majoring in european studies, and i say how i am an anthropology major, and she served in canada, and i am thinking this is cool. maybe i will just be a man and try to put myself out there. "so my boy friend and i were talking about how canada and america are different..." *(mentally banging head on table repeatedly) ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING MEEEEE!!!!!* "ya i was only there till i was like 13, so i dont remember much."

Monday, October 19, 2009

a quote from Dr. David P. Crandall

"faces in the crowd become recognizable only after we come to know something about the people behind the faces--their lives, their preferences, and their habits. strangely, not only do their faces vary according to physical appearance, but once their characters and personalities are known, their very countenances seem to change"

Monday, October 12, 2009

pants are an illusion, and so is death

there was a woman who told me to stop wearing shorts and where pants, that it is too cold. "No," i proclaimed, "you are wrong, for i AM wearing pants, i am wearing Short Pants." the ducked woman left, humiliated and defeated, and no one questioned the man again. for he was one who was made of legend, at least for the time being.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

there is a girl, she sits afar, across the room and i took an interest to know her name. then the teacher called on her and then i knew that i must say hi. then i held the door open for her, then i knew that i MUST say hi. that was two weeks ago. know i have a sound and firm desire to say hi and what happens? we are put into the same group in class. the teacher counted off, 1, 2, 3, she was 4! i must be number four! and i was. "the heavens are kind to me this day" i remarked. then i had trouble fitting in the stupid desk-chair. "its ok," i thought, "many see you clumsiness and suffering as humorous and may break this ice that has formed between us"...

i did not talk to her. *sigh

on accident i found out where she works. one day i was walking and i saw her working in the crafts and floral place in the wilk. but would it be creepy of me to go? i could make up a story, ya a story, a fake one too! i would go in and pretend to be looking for flowers for my girlfriend, "oh you work here? what a surprise! ya i was just looking around ha ha ha!"and then, run. nah, that would never work...if only i were a Jedi.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TEST results


test results

matt found my blogg spot! or at least you did something about finding it. the test is to see who looks at my face book. and i do not think that i deserve a blogspot, i.. i...i need a women! ya i knew you would not believe me.

Friday, October 2, 2009

so i was walking to the MARB at byu, listening to death cab for cutie, and a guy stopped and asked me what i was listening to. i told him marching bands in manhattan, and he wrote it down, and told me he was with some byu thing about songs. he took my name and got a picture. why do i write this? figure it out, the irony is amazing.
i need a phone, it would make things easier. i was going to meet a friend today, but onething led to another and no go. and, i need to call a buddy and his phone is a california number and so of course for some reason it is not working on the byu "curtsy" phones. ya, curtsy phones, cause the phones are about as useful as a curtsy.
i am going to a mission reunion today. too bad i was not able to make some dramatic change in my physical appearance for this, like loose weight. hahah. ha. or bleach my hair platinum.

wow, you read these things? i need to be creative like my friends. but how...i need yoda

Thursday, October 1, 2009

good day, second blog

here is the second blogg that i have put out, and maybe there will be more. i ran into julie gabutt, a friend, in the library. she was of to go visit with someone over ice cream. even she said something about how i need to date. cant you people leave me along!? nah, i be kidding. i aced a quiz today. then i had classes, and now i am here. wow this blogger thing is really borring.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


this is my first blog thing... this seems like the thing to do...i see many people doing it...and i think i will try. the people who i am familiar with are talented and artistic... i make toys of things i a stick into the "Sword of Fraveor, king of the cocky", thus showing that by divine right i am entitled to the +6 bonus to jock-ness and masculinity skill checks.
i am listening to clarck gable by the postal service, i find it pleasing. did you notice how i hate capitals in writing, i dont mind it for things like STAR WARS, or Star Treck, because those things are important. but the other things like song titles, names of people who i know or dont like, please. perhaps dry humor is something that one should not try out unless said person is born with a talent for such a complicated act of personality...hmm... do you regret reading this? i regret every key i type, is that the correct type, or is it tipe, nop, because the computer put that stupid squigly red line under it. i hate that line, some people goo pages with out seeing it when they are writhing something on the computer...not me. well, i have stuff to do