Friday, January 22, 2010

ya, this has nothing to do with the post
i just think this looks cool
shes the singer from
a popular youtube band-thing

There is a girl in my class, and I tried to talk to her…ok, she talked to me and then I attempted to make myself NOT look like a fool. That is the story... “man, thats all that happened! You didn’t DO anything?” what, like what, kamina? “get her number!” *blank stare at kamina. “ya, REAL men do stuff like that, they don’t roll to see if they should either.” I hate you kamina

So I ran into julie garbutt today, and then samuele caramia (missionary from NY whom I literally whipped with my belt for sport) came whilst I was talking to julie . then alex johnson came whilst samuele julie and I were talking. THEN, whilst I was in the traffic booth for the museum parking lot, mike and patty stroud came by. All these people that I have not seen in quite some time. Why do I tell you this? Well, see if you can find the significance of it all, and how it all relates. if you do, then tell me, and I will then know the significance also, and we will rejoice in the significance together. BUT FOR HEVENS, SAKE DON’T TELL ANYONE!