Friday, May 21, 2010

to be read with one raised eyebrow and not too seriously

well i came out on this little study abroad thing-trip-class to learn some kind of lesson. and i think i have one. but perhaps i should wait till i have finished the program till i reveal it. "you've already written this much, just finish", but kamina, it really isnt that hard to just erase it. "are you really going to quit! finish what youve started and be a man about it!" *uppercut to left jaw*

well i have never really felt much of a deep and passionate allegiance to the U.S.A, i was born here, i was called american in canada, and i live in america, so i be an american..thats about it. but now that i have been out in europe, and seen the differences in the way things are (albiet, they are not great differences, but one can defiantly see the differences...ok fine there are some big differences) i have seen that i am an american. i act like one, i think like one, and...i am finding comfort in that for some reason. i have an identity! "you always had an identity", but now i recognize it. "you recognize that you are an annoying and loud american..." yes, and i like it. " well ok then".

also, i saw robin hood, and i was in salzburg. i watched a movie in salzburg. that is something i would do. fuunnnnyyyy.

really? split personalities?

why do i have a blog?
cause matt, julie, and others have one and you wanted to be cool.

and what am i supposed to write about?
what ever you want. thats what you've done thus far.

is it good?
no. so keep doing it, youll get better.

do you see the secret?
yes. and others will soon.