Monday, December 14, 2009

does my suffering cause the heavens to laugh?

so there i was, sitting in the cougar eat, eating a burrito and going over notes for a final, just doing what all good byu people do. here comes this girl, and she sits down. i dont look up (cause of this fear of being condemned a creep, which most females love to accuse of any guy who looks in their direction) and continue to eat and pretend to study. she puts down a chinese text book, and opens her notes and sets down an iced cream. *oh balliks,* i think to myself, *shes learning chines...shes either a return missionary or a total nerd...oh balliks* i sat there, looking at my notes, slowly chewing on the tasty beef and potato that i love so very much, as apposed to the other taco bell stuff. *maybe god is throwing me a bone...naaaawwww....* i mentally throw my hands in the air *FINE, I'LL DO IT!* "so why the chines?" *ARE YOU HAPPY?! I SOUND LIKE A TOTLA GEEK!!* "actually, i served a mission, and i want to keep it up," she says, not bratt-ily i might add. so we talk, and i am asking her questions and she is answering them, and i find out that her chines nickname is "happy phenix", "cause the phenix is like, the coolest magical beast there is!" she says, and i say "i know right!" and i think *oh you are so hot right now...* so she is majoring in european studies, and i say how i am an anthropology major, and she served in canada, and i am thinking this is cool. maybe i will just be a man and try to put myself out there. "so my boy friend and i were talking about how canada and america are different..." *(mentally banging head on table repeatedly) ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING MEEEEE!!!!!* "ya i was only there till i was like 13, so i dont remember much."

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