Tuesday, March 2, 2010

wonder ponder conjure

do you ever wonder what will be of yourself a few years down the road, and realize that the road is completely open, so there is not a huge reason to fear about it cause there are no big consequences, assuming i follow the big rules (read your scriptures, fast and pray, go to church and dont be...a... slacker at school). i often think about why i worry so much, in fact i ponder a great deal about things that are not that crucial, and then i get worked up and stressed, so i go and haras my baby sister's stuffed animals while she yells and hits me. i get caught up on things and dont let them go, and conjure up farfetched ideas about how to pursue or exploit or prove or show or destroy or embrace or ask or say or confess or yell or fake or lie about or avoid or stalk or bake or love or tell the things that i ponder about. then i wonder what the purpose of it all is and decide that it is better to eat cake.

*in gregorian chant*
Amen for Cake


  1. we should bake a cake, whilst singing "lets go fly a kite", but changing the words to "lets go bake a cake"