Friday, October 2, 2009

so i was walking to the MARB at byu, listening to death cab for cutie, and a guy stopped and asked me what i was listening to. i told him marching bands in manhattan, and he wrote it down, and told me he was with some byu thing about songs. he took my name and got a picture. why do i write this? figure it out, the irony is amazing.
i need a phone, it would make things easier. i was going to meet a friend today, but onething led to another and no go. and, i need to call a buddy and his phone is a california number and so of course for some reason it is not working on the byu "curtsy" phones. ya, curtsy phones, cause the phones are about as useful as a curtsy.
i am going to a mission reunion today. too bad i was not able to make some dramatic change in my physical appearance for this, like loose weight. hahah. ha. or bleach my hair platinum.

wow, you read these things? i need to be creative like my friends. but how...i need yoda

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  1. Haha, you should've gone with your hair bleached. T'would've been awesome