Thursday, October 8, 2009

there is a girl, she sits afar, across the room and i took an interest to know her name. then the teacher called on her and then i knew that i must say hi. then i held the door open for her, then i knew that i MUST say hi. that was two weeks ago. know i have a sound and firm desire to say hi and what happens? we are put into the same group in class. the teacher counted off, 1, 2, 3, she was 4! i must be number four! and i was. "the heavens are kind to me this day" i remarked. then i had trouble fitting in the stupid desk-chair. "its ok," i thought, "many see you clumsiness and suffering as humorous and may break this ice that has formed between us"...

i did not talk to her. *sigh

on accident i found out where she works. one day i was walking and i saw her working in the crafts and floral place in the wilk. but would it be creepy of me to go? i could make up a story, ya a story, a fake one too! i would go in and pretend to be looking for flowers for my girlfriend, "oh you work here? what a surprise! ya i was just looking around ha ha ha!"and then, run. nah, that would never work...if only i were a Jedi.


  1. Or you could just go in there and talk to her. That's always a possibility.

  2. no! you dont understand the complexities of the situation! ...she is a GIRL, i'm scared. ok fine

  3. Oh H. Benjamin. I loved this. I loved it so much.